Authentic Talks-March 2019

Authentic Talks
An evening of connections, capturing the essence of womanhood.

Come to connect.
Come to share.
Come to listen.
Come to drink wine.

For those who may not have attended a talk before – Authentic Talks is an evening were Glow members and friends come together to share and connect with others. In previous talks – we discussed topics such as vulnerability, goal setting, work/life balance, creativity and authenticity in relationships.
Topic: Me Too as a Global Movement

In India and across the globe many people are bringing forward the issue of sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination that has affected millions of women from all industries and all walks of life. For those who attend, we welcome you to share your experiences or talk about how the rise of this global conversation has affected you professionally and/or personally.

Rules that will be enforced:
– be on time. If you are not able to attend on time please call to cancel your attendance as we will not allow anyone to join and interrupt someone’s sharing.
– listen with an open mind and open heart. The purpose of Authentic Talks is to create a space that values all members and their experiences. Each of us have had different experiences and we have different views.
– use “I” statements. We ask that no one comment, question or criticize anyone else’s experiences. This includes positive commentary. Avoid speaking on behalf of others and using “we” statements.
– no promotion of your business is allowed especially for those that are therapists or otherwise.
– confidentiality. Those that attend agree to keep the contents of the discussion private.

A maximum of 15 people can attend the evening.
Special thanks to @Anuradha Sawhney for delicious vegan cheese platter which she provided for our event last night!

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